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Freemasonry from the beginning. The Hyksos (Hebrews) invade Egypt. The Hyksos adopt Egyptian gods. Canaanite Hyksos, Horus, Isis, Set, Osiris. The Hyksos join the cult of Osiris. The members being assembled, the high priest calls to order, and demands of the royal arch captain if all present are royal arch Masons. The royal arch captain ascertains and answers in the affirmative. The high priest then directs him to cause the tyler to be stationed, which, being done, the high priest says, "companions, royal arch Masons, you will please to clothe, and arrange yourselves for the purpose of opening the chapter."

The furniture of the chapter is then arranged, the companions clothed with scarlet sashes and aprons, and the officers invested with the proper insignia of their respective offices, and repair to their proper stations in the cult of Osiris. The high priest then demands whether the chapter is tyled, and is answered the same as in the lodge by asking, what is a Mason? The stations and duties of the officers are then recited (see lecture, first section). after the duties of the officers are recited, the high priest directs the captain of the host to assemble the companions of the altar. Egyptian trinity. The visible cycle of the star Sirius (Sopdet) represents Isis.

Egyptian hieroglyph origin of Freemason pyramid symbol and the Hyksos. The eye of Horus was offered to Osiris to restore his life. This Egyptian hieroglyph expresses the origin of the Freemason eye symbol. When the knights and princes were embodied to conquer the holy land, they took a cross to distinguish them, as a mark of being under its banners; they also took an oath to spend the last drop of their blood to establish the true religion of the most high god. Peace being made, they could not fulfill their vows, and, therefore, returning home to their respective countries, they resolved to do in theory what they could not do by practice, and determined never to admit, or initiate, any into their mystic ceremonies, but those who had given proofs of friendship, zeal, and discretion. They took the name of knights of the east and west, in memory of their homes and the place where the order began; and they have ever since strictly adhered to their ancient customs and forms.

In the year 1118, the first knights, to the number of eleven, took their vows between the hands of garimont, patriarch and prince of Jerusalem, from whence the custom is derived of taking the obligation in the same position. The reader may recognize these Freemason symbols. The Hyksos (Hebrews) are expelled from Egypt The Hyksos retreat to Canaan (Israel) and bring the cult of Osiris with them. A portion of returning Hyksos (Hebrews) continue to follow the cult of Osiris Belief in the cult was passed down to medieval Jews 1119 ad and the Egyptian symbols. The Crusades European knights in Jerusalem are introduced to the cult of Osiris by Jewish elders. Cult following knights are called the Knights Templar. Upon this, one of the deputies with an unbecoming warmth, observed to his companions, "what occasion have we for a higher degree? We know the word has been changed, we can travel as masters, and receive pay as such in the Cult of Osiris." Solomon mildly replied, "those whom I have advanced to the degree of perfection, have wrought in the ancient ruins, and though the undertaking was difficult and dangerous, they penetrated the bowels of the Earth, and brought thence treasures to enrich and adorn the temple of god.

Go in peace, wait with patience, and aspire to perfection by good works." the deputies returned and reported their reception to the masters. These masters, vexed at the refusal, unanimously determined to go to the ancient ruins, and search under ground, with a view of arrogating the merit necessary for the accomplishment of their desires. They departed the next morning, and raising the cubic stone descended into the cavern with a ladder of ropes, by the light of torches, where no sooner had the last descended, than the nine arches fell in upon them. Solomon hearing of this accident, sent Gibulum, Joabert and Stokin to inform themselves more particularly of the matter.

They departed at break of day, and upon their arrival at the place, could discover no remains of the arches, nor could they learn that one single one of all those who had descended escaped the destruction. They examined the place with diligence, but found nothing except a few pieces of marble, on which were inscribed certain hieroglyphics; these they carried to Solomon, and related what they had seen. King Solomon examining these hieroglyphics, discovered that these pieces of marble were part of one of the pillars of Enoch. Solomon ordered these pieces of marble to be carefully put together and deposited in the sacred vault of the Hyksos.

The Knights Templar return to Europe. The Templars establish secret Osirian cult centers in various European cities. The Templars begin lending money at interest (a financial technique learned from the Jewish elders in Jerusalem). This is distinguished by seven points of reception in the master's degrees. Enoch employed six days to construct the arches, and on the seventh, having deposited the secret treasure in the lowest arch, was translated to the abodes of the blessed. Solomon employed six years in constructing his temple; and celebrated its dedication on the seventh, with all the solemnity worthy of the divinity himself.

This sacred edifice we choose to make the basis of figurative Masonry. In the first degree are three symbols to be applied. First, the first of the creation, which was only chaos, is figured by the candidate's coming out of the black chamber, neither naked nor clothed, deprived, etc.; and his suffering the painful trial at his reception, etc. the candidate sees nothing before he is brought to light; and his powers of imagination relative to what he has to go through are suspended, which alludes to the figure of the creation of that vast luminous body confused among the other parts of creation before it was extracted from darkness and fixed by the almighty fiat. Secondly, the candidate approaches the footstool of the master, and there renounces all cowans; he promises to subdue his passions, by which means he is united to virtue, and by his regularity of life, demonstrates what he proposes.

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